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Direct importers and distributors for Serbia, a comprehensive range of products that meet the need for environmentally friendly solutions. LS Industial Systems takes on the role of global leader in power solutions
Motor protection switches

Compact and easy to choose, TeSys GV2 motor protection switches are only 45 mm wide and are categorized according to the level of performance and features they have: control type, breaking power, motor protection and ...


The bimetallic element consists of two different materials joined together to form a tile, coil or helix, and are used to regulate the temperature. They must have different thermal expansion coefficients such that the...


AC, DC, DC low consumption control circuit. All types of actuators: for changing direction or direct starting, star / triangle, via automatic transformers, etc. Connectors: elastic connector, EverLink screwdriver bloc...

Automatic fuses

The automatic fuse is used to protect installations, lighting and motor circuits from overload and short circuits. Has great breaking power, responds effectively to the characteristic ...


Smatramo da su naši mnogobrojni klijenti pravi pokazatelj i najbolja preporuka, predanog i posvećenog rada, u koji ulažemo maksimum naših kapaciteta.